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Noiseless instrument guitar cable Ø6.5 mm, 3m
Pr finish with 1/4" gold plated straight and angled metal plugs (PG-130 x 1,PG-131 x 1)

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• Single solid core oxygen-free cooper conductor
• PE dialectric provides maximum signal strenght by avoiding skin-effects
• Conductive PVC helps to reinforce shield
• Helical shield perfectly resist Electromagnetic Interference and microphonics
• Durable flexible matte black outer PVC jacket keeps the cable abrasion-resistant

Lenght 3 m
Color Black
Connectors Straight - angled
Manufacturer jack Silk Road
Pins Gold-plated


Toni Orlić - 10/11/2022

Izuzetno ok instrumentalni kabel. Bio sam skeptičan na Silk Road, ali nakon testiranja jednog kabela nije mi bilo dileme. Kabel je izuzetno fleksibilan i ne poteže pedale i instrumente, konektori su kvalitetno zaliveni, za razliku od Ibanez, pa čak i Klotz i Dunlop top kablova.

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