Schertler acoustic amps
22 Mar

Schertler acoustic amps

When we talk about the "creme de la creme" companies that produce acoustic guitar amplifiers, then Schertler is an indispensable company that must be mentioned. To be more specific and accurate, Schertler is a company that designs and manufactures analog audio equipment including modular mixers such as fixed channel mixers, contact microphones, and amplifiers for acoustic guitar and PA systems. The company currently has 18 employees who occupy a leading position on the international market of equipment for acoustic instruments, also,Schertler recently entered the pro audio sector, where they have achieved success very quickly.

The company was founded in 1986 by Stephan Schertler who was then a 27th year double bass player. In the winter of the same year, Stephan, motivated by dissatisfaction with the current offer of double bass amplifiers, decided to make a microphone for his instrument. The result of such an undertaking is STAT-B, the flagship of Schertler products. A little later, STAT-B expanded to offer violin and cello systems. All this inspires Stephan to create electrostatic contact microphones for the guitar, which leads to the emergence and creation of the Schertler brand.

During the nineties, Schertler develops a new electrodynamic technology for contact microphones, which turns into a global patent for a new series of microphones not only for guitars, but also for mandolin, harp and piano instruments. With the production of the first preamplifier, the company enters the world of high-end products. In 1993, the company moved to Mendrisio and then developed a new series of electrodynamic contact microphones with a much improved magnetic suspension, and at the end of the nineties it hired its first employees. Along with Schertler, Stephane also founded the company Velvet for the production of strings for double bass, in parallel with this, there is a collaboration with SR Technology for the purpose of producing speakers and amplifiers for acoustic instruments.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the company employs ten people, and produces a new generation of A-class preamplifiers, which is a novelty in the audio world. The first decade of the new century was marked by new exciting innovations such as new preamplifiers, under saddle guitar microphones, the electrostatic contact microphone and most importantly, the first amplifier for acoustic instruments containing a speaker and a subwoofer.

In the first half of the last decade, Stephan designs a new series of amplifiers that have A-class, NNFB and IC-free preamplifiers, and are the first in the world as such. There are also two new PA systems and a monitor amplifier. The second half of the decade marks the entry into the pro audio world, and at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt 2016, a new analog modular mixer appears for the first time, and all this continues with the production of new modular and three fixed mixers with 5, 9 and 13 channels of phenomenal characteristics and electronics .

In 2019, Schertler closes its italian factory and moves the entire production to Switzerland, thus becoming a 100% "Swiss Made" company.

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