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Joyo Tone Chain is a multifunction effect pedal, including distortion, overdrive, delay, cabinet simulation, tuner, FX LOOP and more tone modulation, plus auxiliary functions, while each module delivers great tone as a pedal, no matter distortion, delay or delay module, either one can be switched on separately and meet your needs.

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Moreover, delay module has Tap Tempo function, you just need to tap the footswitch and set the delay time you want, catering to guitarists during their performance.

Tone Chain supports stereo output and balanced output, together with high quality cabinet simulation circuit, offering satisfactory effects for both recording and live show, Tone Chain not only enables you set your custom tone, but also versatile and portable, perfect for guitarists!


• Effects: Overdrive, Distortion, Delay
• Delay: Mix, F.back, Time
• DS: High, Mid, Low, Gain, Freq, Level
• OD: Drive, Tone, Level
• Tap Tempo: Controls delay speed, hold for tuner
• Footswtichs: 4
• Fx Loop: Yes
• LED Display: For tuner
• Guitar Input Impedance: 1MΩ
• AUX Input Impedance: 47KΩ
• L/R Output Impedance: 1KΩ
• XLR Output Impedance: 4.7KΩ
• Working Current: 300mA
• Working Voltage: DC 9V(center minus)
• Input Jack: Mono 6.35mm
• Output Jack: Stereo 6.35mm
• DI Output: Stereo XLR
• Aux in: 3.5mm
• Cab sim: Yes
• Dimensions: 345 x 83 x 43mm
• Weight: 1043 g


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