Partsland Guitar Parts
20 Sep

Partsland Guitar Parts

Today's demand for guitar parts is higher than ever, so it's no wonder that one of the most sought-after brands in our store is Partsland. Partsland is a company from South Korea specializing in the production of guitar parts, and it's an open secret that they are one of the leading manufacturers of hardware for well-known guitar companies, and for more than 30 years, they have been supplying manufacturers as well as distributors and service centers with quality guitar parts that do not require breaking the bank.

Over time, the number of guitarists has increased by a lot, and since guitarists are great enthusiasts in addition to standard things such as guitars, pedals, amplifiers, cables, etc., so more can be found in the arsenal of a guitarist...also, there is an indispensable item for every guitar, and these are guitar parts that every guitarist at some point needs to replace, repair or simply wants to change or upgrade some part of the guitar.

Our personal experience with Partsland is excellent, and it didn't take long for us to check the quality of Partsland products, so it happened that most famous croatian electric guitar and bass builders also choose Partsland guitar parts, of course, after checking the quality of Partsland products, because none of the masters wanted to compromise the quality of their instrument by putting parts that are not at a certain level of quality. Therefore, it is not surprising that currently in Croatia many guitars contain Partsland tuners, frets, pots, pickguards, tremolo systems, saddles, pickups, covers  for pickups, saddles, switches, various covers, output jacks and many other parts.

Partsland is constantly studying today's guitarists who are constantly searching for new tones or simply researching vintage ones that have been a part of the guitar world for decades. Also, Partsland continues to put great efforts in the improvement of instruments in the field of electronic technology that can create a new and better guitar tone, i.e. sound, and constantly improve the quality of its products... when we also mention a significantly more affordable price than the well-known and hyped competitors, then there is no reason not to choose a Partsland product for your guitar!