Meinl stick & brush
26 Aug

Meinl stick & brush

Meinl has firmly taken its position as one of the leading manufacturers of percussion and cymbals, and from 2018 they also aspire to the position of one of the leaders in the production of drum sticks and brushes. During the first order we asked ourselves what exactly Meinl can offer besides top quality to compete with brands like Vic Firth, Pro Mark etc ... the answer came soon after the shipment arrived.

What we noticed was the amazing pairing of the sticks. Even with the mentioned manufacturers, we used to notice some small inconsistencies within a certain pair of sticks, and this is not exactly the same pitch of drum sticks and that feeling when you notice that one stick is slightly lighter or a bit heavier than the other. To our delight, we failed to notice this with the Meinl sticks. Simply, every pair of drum sticks we checked, they were all phenomenally paired which is very important because then you can fully dedicate yourself to playing without thinking about the sticks and how they feel in your hands.

The range of sticks that Meinl offer include standard models such as 5A, 5B, 7A, 2B, but there are some other versions such as Hybrid with redesigned tip and neck for better balance, Standard Long as extended versions of standard models, Heavy which are larger sticks in every dimension compared to standard ones and the Big Apple and Concert series which offer stick models made of maple.

In addition to their drum stick offer, there are also rod models for alternative sounds with materials such as bamboo, birch and synthetics. An indispensable part of the range are, of course, brushes with  different options like standard metal, which can be pulled out, with a fixed wooden or rubber handle. If you are a cajon player be sure to check out cajon brush sticks. For those looking for a softer sound and touch, there are cajon brush sticks made of thin wooden straws connected as a whole, and for those who are fans of a more specific sound, Meinl offers cajon sticks made of synthetic materials. To complete the offer, Meinl also offers mallets for percussionists as well as for drummers and timbale players in several dimensions.

We were won over by Meinl sticks and brushes, try them and let them do the same to you too!