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Accessories for Ukuleles

Here you can find ukulele stands and straps, essential accessories for every ukulele player. Using a strap keeps your ukulele in the right place and height when playing, while ukulele stands keep your ukulele within easy reach.

Accessories for Ukuleles K&M 15590 UKULELE HOLDER
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This practical ukulele holder is flexible and easy to mount. The clamp can be attached to any tube with a diameter ranging from 7 to 30 mm. Thanks to the rubberized support arms the instrument is safe and protected. The ukulele holder is suitable for all common models. FEATURES • Material: Ste..

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Accessories for Ukuleles RIGHTON UKE DUAL HOOK BROWN
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Many Ukes do not come with any way to attach a strap, this strap is designed to be used with ukuleles that not have strap buttons. Dual hook Ukulele Strap made with two hooks or clips, alows to stand with Ukulele without hands, let´s say that´s a hands free ukulele strap. 1,5 cm ( 0,59") wide strap,..

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Accessories for Ukuleles RIGHTON UKE HOOK BROWN
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Neck Ukulele strap, strap for ukulele with one hook or clip, allows to play the ukulele keeping in a right position for play. Strong and very soft and comfortable ukulele strap. Adjustable for fit at the perfect level and deal for fitting Tenor, Soprano and concert ukuleles. All the RightOn! S..

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