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Multieffects for Acoustic Guitars

Multieffects for Acoustic Guitars CALINE CP35 GOLDEN HALO AC SIMULATED
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The Top control adjusts the high end and Body simulates the actual resonance of the guitar body. Volume obviously controls the volume. The 3 way selector of Piezo, Standard and Jumbo modes create quite a noticeable difference in sound. Takes a 9v power supply or battery and is true bypass in a durab..

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Multieffects for Acoustic Guitars CALINE CP48 MULTI EFFECT PEDAL
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• 3 Digital Effects: Chorus, Delay and Reverb • Notch (Feedback Control). • 2 Band EQ, Treble and Bass • DI • AUX • NORMAL/BRIGHT (Treble Boost) • Headphone Connection • The NOTCH Function is for controlling feedback noise  • The AUX functions allows connection to a play-along device li..

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Multieffects for Acoustic Guitars CALINE CP67 DI BOX FOR ACOUSTIC GUITAR
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• To Avoid overloading the Acoustic Guitar EQ use the INPUT knob of this DI to reduce the volume • Turn on the ANTI FEEDBACK Footswitch and adjust the ANTI FEEDBACK Knob to avoid volume feedback • Turn on TREBLE BOOST Footswitch, to increase the brightness of the tone • True bypass • Zahtjevi na..

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Multieffects for Acoustic Guitars JOYO AD-2 ACOUSTIC GUITAR PEDAL PREAMP/DI
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The AD-2 is a preamp and D.I. Box for acoustic guitars. It has a built-in dual band EQ so you can fine-tune the low and high frequencies. It also features a treble boost to push the end when you need it. Another very helpful addition is the anti-feedback circuit, this is very useful for live perform..

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