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Flamenco Guitars

A flamenco guitar is a guitar similar to a classical guitar but with thinner tops and less internal bracing. It usually has nylon strings, like the classical guitar, but it generally possesses a livelier, more gritty sound compared to the classical guitar. It is used in toque, the guitar-playing part of the art of flamenco. In our offer you can find Alhambra flamenco guitars, the leading Spanish manufacturer of classical and flamenco guitars, and they all come with a three-year warranty.

Flamenco Guitars ALHAMBRA 10Fc
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A guitar made with top quality materials and through a completely handmade work. An instrument with a powerful sound, but at the same time extremely comfortable. Holding the Alhambra Guitars 10 Fc model in your hands means playing with a guitar that gives the guitarist a lot of security and the a..

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Flamenco Guitars ALHAMBRA 10Fp PINANA
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This model has been developed in collaboration with flamenco guitarist Carlos Piñana, where technical specifications have been introduced that define an instrument with the qualities required by today's flamenco guitarists, achieving a very beautiful and high-quality flamenco guitar. As a differe..

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Flamenco Guitars ALHAMBRA 3F PURE
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The strumming with this guitar sounds in a surprising way, very flamenco, "percussive" and with good volume. In addition, the melody is very well defined and the basses as well, although being powerful, they are very balanced. The 3 F model is an instrument of the student line, comfortable, with ver..

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Flamenco Guitars ALHAMBRA 4F
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This model is the improved version of the 3F model. In this case, it comes with gold-plated machine heads and ebony fingerboard, in addition to its attractive orange color brings some extra warmth to the instrument that makes it very unique. With a solid German Spruce top, Sicomoro for back and side..

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Flamenco Guitars ALHAMBRA 5Fp OP PINANA
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Alhambra has introduced some technical specifications that make up a very versatile guitar, with an excellent value for money and with the qualities required by today's flamenco guitarists.   The model 5 Fp OP Piñana is a flamenco guitar called flamenco negra. Instead of cypress for the b..

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Flamenco Guitars ALHAMBRA 7Fc
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Tremendous, genuine, brilliant and percussive are some of the adjectives that define the Guitarras alhambra 7 Fc model. An instrument with an impressive flamenco sound, constant tone and definition in the melody. It is also fully balanced, both in power and in the relationship between bass and tr..

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Flamenco Guitars ALHAMBRA 8Fc
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The 8 Fc model is a wonderful guitar with a beautiful and authentically flamenco sound. It is also fully balanced, achieving a constant tone throughout the fingerboard and a good relationship between bass and treble. An instrument with a high quality sound; powerful, bright, with great character ..

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