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Foldable metal guitar rest with strap.

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• Narrower than other supports, therefore fits guitars with flatter frames (children's guitars and jazz guitars)
• Support strap made of webbing, not only glued but securely sewn
• WITHOUT stop rubber(s)
• 1 big suction cup and 2 normal small ones, this prevents other material than the suction cups from touching the guitar body, therefore no rattling noise
• The two small suction cups are not just pushed in, they are equipped with screw thread counterparts, so they can't move accidentally
• Made of pure material, crystal clear, do not contain soot like blackened suction cups
• Supplied with protective film for matt or open-pore lacquered instruments
• For high quality guitars with shellac, nitro or spirit varnish, ask the guitar maker about any incompatibility with the protective film


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