We also have a physical store located at Harambašićeva 60, where you can make your purchase in person.

Cash on delivery allows you to settle orders during delivery to the specified address, or only when you see the product in front of you. Payment by cash on delivery is made exclusively in cash (in HRK), to the deliverer upon delivery to the specified address. The courier will contact you before delivery. Cash on delivery is only possible in the Republic of Croatia.

You do not have to register to buy on our site, but by registering you will make it easier to fill in purchase data and save time, you will be able to track all your purchases, you will be the first to be informed about all benefits and promotions and, of course, we will never share your data.

The delivery price is charged in a lump sum of €5. For shipments that are paid by cash on delivery, the delivery is €6. Delivery is free of charge for orders over €50. Read more about deliveries on our website.

Delivery time is 1-3 working days.

This means that the product is currently unavailable. If the product cannot be delivered, the product will be withdrawn from the online store offer. If you are interested in buying a product that is not in stock, contact us and we will check the delivery options for you or we can recommend a similar product that might suit you.

If the system does not allow you to put a certain number of items in the cart, it means that they are no longer in stock.

The cost of replacement when the customer wrongly ordered the product or for other reasons wants to replace the product is €5, or as much as regular delivery.