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Cijena: 12.220,00 kn
Cijena za gotovinu: 11.609,00 kn

Pearl PFA201ES Alto flauta. Sterling silver plated straight headjoint, silver plated nickel silver body and foot, closed holes, straight headjoint, split E mechanism, includes leather bag and case.

The Pearl Alto flute is a truly monumental instrument, as it is the only Alto flute on the market to have our world renowned Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction. In addition, the hand position is extremely comfortable, and the headjoint is responsive with excellent projection. The exceptionally efficient and dependable mechanism is complimented by Pearl's devotion to exact intonation, wide dynamic spectrum and tonal flexibility. Alto Flutes are available with an All Sterling Tube (Model 207) Sterling Silver headjoint (Model 206) or with a Silver Plated headjoint with Sterling Silver Lip Plate (Model 201).
Each model comes in three versions:
PFA-201S, PFA-206S or PFA207S - Straight headjoint model
PFA-201U, PFA-206U or PFA207U- Curved headjoint model
PFA-201SU, PFA-206SU or PFA207SU- Straight and curved headjoint model
Option : E mechanism
All Alto flute models include a French style case and fleece lined case cover with zippered pouch and are supplied with wooden cleaning rod, polishing cloth and cleaning gauze.

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