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Cijena: 620,00 kn
Cijena za gotovinu: 589,00 kn

Meinl ATD-L Afrički ritualni bubanj.

MEINL combines traditional instruments with modern technology and innovations. The range of Ritual Drums is a line of instruments which originate many different cultures from all around the world. MEINL’s R&D expertise helped in creating these authentic and high quality instruments which are outstanding in the percussion world.
Our African Talking Drums are carved into an hourglass shape from a solid piece of Mahogany wood, and decorated with a carved motif. Two hand-selected goatskin heads are spanned with high-quality nylon rope. Traditionally, the talking drum is played beneath one arm, and held against the ribcage. The drum is then squeezed to "bend" the pitch while the other hand employs a curved striker. 
• Carved from one solid piece of
• Plantation grown Mahogany Wood
• Nylon tuning strap
• Ornamental carving

Size L = 8” x 16” 28 rope runners
Rope 3 mm PP rope
Materials Mahogany Wood, hand selected goat heads
Includes Curved wooden beater
Finish Brown/Black

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