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Cijena: 315,00 kn
Cijena za gotovinu: 299,00 kn

Meinl JR. sintetičke djembe 7".

Portable with big sound, great tone, and lightweight synthetic shell, the MEINL JR. Djembe is the perfect instrument to grab and go for any occasion. From outdoor gatherings with friends to spontaneous jam sessions or teaching others about rhythm, these compact djembes deliver. The synthetic head is secured with pre-stretched ropes to better hold the tuning. Great for any age or skill level.
• Grab and go for any occasion, indoors or outside
• Compact size and lightweight shell
• Pre-stretched ropes to better hold the tuning
• Produces sharp slaps and deep bass tones
• 100% synthetic head and shell are perfect for outdoor playing

Material Synthetic head
Synthetic shell
Size 7"
Ropes 14 runners
Height 12 1/2"
Color Red

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