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Cijena: 40,00 kn

Joyo ACE30 čistač žica.

Every guitar player must cherish their instruments, no wonder why they always try to clean their instruments with tissue or cloths before and after using, getting rid of the rust on strings greatly helps retarding wear.
The way they do the cleaning is always too troublesome: they have to pull the strings in order to squeeze some tissue or cloth between fretboard and strings, then scrape the rust one after another.
Say goodbye to that crude approach! Now you got JOYO ACE-30 String Scrubber, whose genius designs cover user’s needs very carefully:
1, comfortableness: ergonomic design of cambered handle;
2, texture: the finest fabric, using laser cut make sure the tidiness of cut edges;
3, efficiency: remove rust on strings at the same time wipe fretboard;
4, handiness: a simple movement of up and down can get an instantaneous cleaning effect, even cleaning of the whole unit itself can be easily done under water without worry the cloth would come off.
As cost–effective as that small accessory is, every guitar player really should get one for your beloved guitar.

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