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Cijena: 2.775,00 kn
Akcija (za gotovinu): 2.081,00 kn

20" medium ride činela M-serije.

M-Series cymbals are made in Germany from B20 bronze alloy featuring high-tech computerized manufacturing standards. These cymbals have a traditional look and feel, but with a modern sound and distinct clarity. They have been developed for the needs of literally all styles of music and are therefore the perfect all around professional cymbal series.
• B20 bronze alloy
• high-tech computerized manufacturing
• Rich sounds and utmost in musicality
Clear, crisp stick definition with a shimmering spread. Rich sound with a good degree of color and plenty of warmer undertones. Nice shaped bell that projects loud and clear.
Modern concept, traditional sound
Recommended styles
Alternative / Funk / Fusion / Heavy Metal / Mainstream / Pop / Rock / Studio

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