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Cijena: 1.120,00 kn
Akcija (za gotovinu): 840,00 kn

12" Johnny Rabb safari hihat činela Generation X serije.

MEINL's innovative and award-winning Generation X cymbals pave the way to a completely new world of revolutionary cymbals. These cymbals have sounds which are consciously different and aimed towards advanced, experimental and unconventional drummers who are motivated to explore new sound territories. MEINL‘s Generation X cymbals offer contemporary and modern sounds which were designed in cooperation with some of today‘s most remarkable drummers.
• Different sounds
• Innovative concepts
• High-tech computerized manufacturing
Especially designed to meet the requirements of today’s Drum’n’Bass and Jungle scene. It provides a multitude of new sounds. The bottom hihat contains jingles which enhance the spectrum.
What’s the tension tuning system ?
Using the wing nut of the cymbal stand, you can tune the Safari ride and crash to sound any- where from trashy to virtually no decay. The Safari hihat can be tuned to control the amount of trashiness by increasing or decreasing the tension of the hihat clutch.
Ambient | Experimental | Fusion | Drum’n’Bass | Jazz | Pop | Rock | Studio

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