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Cijena: 2.815,00 kn
Cijena za gotovinu: 2.674,00 kn

13" fast hihat činela Byzance serije. Brilliant finiš. Thomas Lang.

Hihat features two different finishes, enabling a dry immediate response, an extremely fast chick, and a short sustain. 
What are the Thomas Lang "Fast Hihats" all about?
My favourite cymbal in my set-up are the 13" Fast Hihats. Why? Let me tell you why: It has a clean, polished top but a filthy dirty bottom (like Yin and Yang, it is all in one). It is pristine yet messed up, it is full of contrast and controversy. It giggles with a childlike voice when gently tickled with the tip of my sticks and roars like a wild animal when brutally abused. It snaps at me when I slam my boot down on the pedal and hisses like a snake when I splash it with my foot. It barks when I whack it with the shoulder of my stick and it screams when I ride it half open. It translates my every mood, vision and feel into sounds I like to hear. After hours of violent abuse it still sits there on the stand, shiny and unhurt, innocently smiling at me, as if it was saying: "Oh yeah? Is that all you've got little drummer boy?"
MEINL Byzance cymbals are completely hand hammered into shape and satisfy the highest demands. Every Byzance cymbal is a piece of art and has its own unique sound characteristics which can never be duplicated.
· B20 Bronze Alloy
· Hand hammered for an unique sound
· Bright rich sounds
Brilliant cymbals are polished up to six times to a high gloss finish. Only in this manner can the unique appearance of MEINL’s brilliant cymbals be guaranteed. These cymbals captivate with their reflective surfaces and bright, rich sound.
Alternative | Rock | Hard Rock | Heavy Metal | Country | Pop | Fusion | RnB | Studio

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